dimanche 19 février 2023

jeudi 16 février 2023

Collection Interactive – Model – Pdf Nfts of the Tezos art ecosystem.

Fundamental Mechanics 24/52


Chapter from ‘Fundamental Mechanics’, a 2019 series of 52 ultrashort animations made using the Instagram stories feature. A contemporary interpretation of a 16th century mystic emblem book. The works were constructed from prefab components such as emojis and stickers. Unhappy with the choice available, I signed myself up for a now defunct Giphy artist account that accumulated over 125.000.000 views in 7 months. https://alexandracrouwers.com https://instagram.com/alexa_crwrs @acrwrs


in time


mardi 14 février 2023

Landscape with Carbon Capture #2509

A long-form generative art collection minted on Verse platform as part of the exhibition "Reconciliation with the Living", 2022 — In spite of the terrible challenges that we are bound to endure, we want to embrace our creative energy and the joy to share it. — "Landscape with Carbon Capture is a critique of my own environmental consciousness as an artist working with technology around natural themes. Although I do not know any solution, although I am helpless just like you, I want to fight with what I’ve got. I want to acknowledge the great hypocrisy of our times. Carbon emissions are here to stay; they'll stain my canvas, no matter how green the colours on my palette."

À la Une

NFT 027702142023 / H.264, 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels, IPS : 30, duration : 00:07 / LAC2022 / *// Qu'est-ce qu'une image d'actualité?


the kiss out of time


A timeless poem by Benedikt Ledebur

Tamuna Sirbiladze - Guitar #9/10


Considering the role, that the guitar played in the cubist phase of Picasso and Braque, the rocking version of Tamuna Sirbiladze's transforming style of painting has a special connotation. (Picasso's 'Guitar' series from 1912 to 1914 are seen by art historians as the definitive transition from Analytic to Synthetic Cubism.) Sirbiladze's bent and broken representation of the guitar player, whose limbs are entangling with his instrument, is building up slowly in the viewer, but other masks are emerging too. The painting to this image (from 2010) is a late highlight of Sirbiladze's expressive figurations against figuration.

Haystacks Process 30


lundi 13 février 2023

Putin's Ashes

Shepard Fairey and Pussy Riot invite you to express your Proof of Protest on the blockchain to voice your rage against the fascist regime of Putin’s russia. The artwork was created by Shepard for Pussy Riot's "Putin's Ashes" installation at Jeffrey Deitch gallery in LA. All the proceeds will go to Ukrainian troops on the frontline. "Our unit is doing everything to defend our country from the russians and make them leave Ukraine for good. We are fighting a very heavy battle and your funds will help us purchase drones and other equipment that will allow us to locate the enemy during combat and save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers” Bakhmut Frontline Unit Armed Forces of Ukraine

Selfportrait with Video Camera

Selfportrait with Video Camera by Tamuna Sirbiladze: she does not look at the screen of her videocamera, she looks into her own eyes in the mirror. She sees the selfportrait already, before it is taken, and the selfportrait is the portrait of her videocamera too. Tamuna Sirbiladze used her videocamera a lot, specially when she was travelling with her husband Franz West. Fluxuslike she was mirroring her life and the artworld around her with her camera, leaving most of her films uncut and unedited.